Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Giallo-A-Go-Go; new this week at the buffet...

This week we've got reservations at the Trattoria Of Terror for a double dose of dastardly deeds.

For our first course, Bunny takes a crack at Dario Argento's giallo thriller Cat O'Nine Tails.

Ready for your entree? Join Giallo Biafra for a date with a particularly sleazy slice of Eurosleaze The Sister Of Ursula.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Night after nite; new this week at the buffet...

This week we return from our vacation with a return to the fertile 1980s for a double dose of dubious ideas.

First Bunny returns to The Decade That Dripped Blood for a rather ridiculous slice of slasher film, Girls Nite Out.

Then the Kommandant gets blinded by the psycho-kinetic light of '80s horror obscurity One Dark Night.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thin plots and thick accents; new this week at the buffet...

This week we've got a double dose of the hard stuff - meaning stuff that some people find hard to sit through - featuring BMB fave John Carradine.

First join Bunny as she breaks out the deep woods off and attempts to fend off an amorous Big Foot.

Then join the Kommandant and succumb to the spell of one of sinemas most challenging Dracula movies, Vampire Hookers.

In other news, our regularly scheduled weekly update will be briefly interrupted next week, due to the fact that we'll be out of town and may or may not have internet access, but we'll be back on or around March 19th with a fresh, steaming plate of B-grade goodness.