Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bollywood or bust; new this week at the buffet…

This week at the BMB we've got a pungent, spicy, double dose of Hindi horror film, courtesy the Ramsay Brothers & Mondo Macabro's newest release, The Bollywood Horror Collection - Volume 1.

First up, alphabetically speaking, Bunny sinks her teeth into the Ramsay's take on the Dracula myth, Bandh Darwaza; then The Kommandant curses himself for waiting more than 20 years to see their horror epic Purana Mandir.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Freaky fairy tales and spellbound Satanists; new this week at the buffet…

This week at the BMB we try on Al Adamson's only known X-rated sci-fi musical fairy tale sex comedy, Cinderella 2000; and sell our soul to the latest entry in our If I Had A Hammer column, The Devil Rides Out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hellbound hockey masks and ladies of the night; new this week at the buffet…

Bunny heads to Times Square to be propositioned by a "Sin City" double feature of The Hookers & P.P.S. (Prostitutes Protection Society); while the Kommandant heads south of heaven for the ninth installment of our 2006: The Year Of The 13ths series, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (aka Friday The 13th Part 9.)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Spanish wolfmen and Mexican zombies; new this week at the buffet…

This week, join us on a trip around the world BMB style!

First we'll head to Spain and be somewhat bloody terrified by Frankenstein's Bloody Terror; starring everyone's favorite Spanish werewolf Paul Naschy. Then it's off to Mexico where we'll dig into the guts and gore of Ruben Galindo's classic take on the slasher flick, Grave Robbers. Finally, later on today, we'll head to Paris where we'll watch someone - hopefully Vincent - get axed from Project Runway. (That last part has nothing to do with the buffet, but that is what I'll be doing tonight.)