Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Black Christmas Evil; new this week at the buffet…

This week we salute the holiday season BMB style with a pair of Christmas themed flicks almost completely bereft of good will towards men, women or children.

Next week we'll further salute the season by taking the week off. We will return to our regularly scheduled schedule of regular weekly updates the second week of January. And now back to our menu…

First join us as we dream of a seasonally themed movie that could legitimately give a person nightmares, Black Christmas. Then find out who's naughty and nice when the Kommandant's cup runneth over with Christmas Evil.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Massacres & more massacres; new this week at the buffet…

This week at the BMB we go back in B-Movie history with a double dose of films featuring copious amounts of bloody death.

First we return to the '80s, aka The Decade That Dripped Blood, to have our collective brain is singed by "the worst horror movie of all time", Microwave Massacre.

Then we'll travel to the turbulent '70s to see if we can survive the brutal bloodshed of "the ultimate biker flick", Northville Cemetery Massacre.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Carnal cavemen & mondo mammaries; new this week at the buffet…

This week at the BMB we read aloud the name written in blood and discover the wacky wanton horror hidden in Arch Hall Sr. / Arch Hall Jr.'s camp classic Eegah; and take to the jungle for a taboo double feature of grindhouse "goona-goona", Forbidden Adventure & Forbidden Women.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Take it off, take it all off; new this week at the buffet…

This week the BMB goes international - again!

First, join the Kommandant on a journey to South Africa where you'll be hypnotized by the "true" tale of South Africa's most famous stripper, Glenda Kemp, Snake Dancer.

Then travel to Italy with Bunny and pay a visit to Giallo Biafra's Trattoria Of Terror for the unveiling of kitschy Giallo thriller Strip Nude For Your Killer.